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Our digital reports,  television broadcasts, video clips and documentaries focus on pertinent social issues, and encourage viewers to interactively engage in dialogue.

Interactive video projects:  Age groups ranging from 10 to 25 years old, in Belgium and abroad, create a video document of their daily lives, values and interests, utilizing song, dance, music and other storytelling tools. Personal messages and testimony are also woven into the videos. Participants use the web as an interactive platform to exchange their digital stories; they make their own film, and Tara-arts video documents participants during their creative process.

Intergenerational video projects:  A mixed group of young and elderly participants engage in a video dialogue about life experience; a personal opportunity to form inter-generational bonds.

Tara-arts Personnel:
Caroline van Gastel: concept, director, implementation and monitoring of dialogues, project coordinator. 
Saar Van Eyck: co-director, camerawoman, media editor, interactive site management. 

Depending on the nature of the project and degree of cooperation with other organizations, additional collaborators are often included.

What do we do? connect - communicate and transmit

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