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Digital reports, television broadcasts, video clips and documentaries: Discover and recognize issues of your global peers, that could easily be yours as well.

Interactive video projects:  Being naturally curious, participants of 10 to 25 years soon create a direct video dialogue between their cultures; Utilizing the web as an interactive channel, participants enter each other’s lives globally, in Belgium and abroad. They exchange their digital films, messages, music etc…they are filmed by us and produce their own little films with our help.

Intergenerational video projects: Video messages from participants are transferred by Tara-arts from one group to another, and are then discussed; the participants meet in person during this process as well.

Tara-arts Personnel:
Caroline van Gastel: concept, director, implementation and monitoring of dialogues, project coordinator. 
Saar Van Eyck:  co-director, camerawoman, media editor, interactive site management. 

Depending on the nature of the project and degree of cooperation with other organizations, additional collaborators are often included.

What do we do?  create - communicate and transmit