// Projects 2008 //

 // Boys and Girls

Belgium (Brussels) – Italy (Poggio Mirtete, Sabina)

Video dialogue, ages 10 to 20: Exploring the balance between girls and boys, focusing on ethnic minorities in Belgium: newcomers, Belgians and Italians.

In collaboration with, and support from: Ministry of Equal Opportunity/Brussels Region, State Secretary Brigitte Grouwels, Poggio Mirtete Sporting Club, Vier Winden Molenbeek primary school, L’Athenée Royal d’Etterbeek, L’Espace Matonge, Municipality of Ixelles, Alderman of Equal-Opportunities ’Ixelles Bea Diallo, Matong-art, Brussels Library: Hoofdstedelijke Bibliotheek van Brussel.

// Love Letters in somersault

Belgium (Gent) - Italy (Rome)
Video dialogue and circus workshop in Rome with two groups, ages 8 to 14: Children practice circus arts as therapy; children with different social and cultural backgrounds learn to collaborate together.
In collaboration with, and support from: King Baldwins Foundation, Prize-winning project  Lydia Chagoll, Foundation Kultuurwerk, Operatie OO3 (boarding school for children with behavioral disorders, Gent), and Circo Maximo (Rome).

// Theatre and music festival of Taforalt

Morocco ( Taforalt, Oujda and Eljadida)

Video Dialogue: Ages 10 to 26: Salutations à la Marocaine (Moroccan greetings); exploring cultural differences between youth in Morocco, youth from Moroccan origin living in Belgium, and young Belgians.

Taforalt, Oujda and Eljadida

In collaboration with, and support from: Flemish government: Vlaamse Overheid, the Festival of Taforalt, Asbl Wakha-wakha, Oujda Morocco, and the Theatre Federation of Eljadida.